So, I quit! How to Make the Holidays More Enjoyable


I am making the holidays more enjoyable this year! How?

I quit!

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BLog Cabin Mama Christmas Tree


I quit:

  • writing Christmas cards
  • making so many treats
  • decorating so much
  • worrying about it all




More time to enjoy what I am doing. Not wondering how I am going to get it all done. To not be carrying around a bunch of guilt over all this is so refreshing!

I love  the holidays. I adore my Savior and I love to celebrate His birth. Pretty sure that trying to make “it all” happen is not how He wants to be celebrated.

Merry Christmas from BLog Cabin Mama

Yes, December is a crazy time for me. There are two birthdays at the cabin in the two weeks before Christmas. I love celebrating them but it is a lot of work at one time. Throw in working part-time, homeschooling, cabin upkeep and a brand new blog. You get the picture. I know your busy, too!


Quit carrying around all that guilt!

You can quit, too.

Trust me, it feels so much better.

My best friend told me she sent me a Christmas card. I told her I didn’t send any but I wish her a very Merry Christmas all the same.

Guess what? We are still Kindred Spirits.

I always wrote a very personal message in my cards. I could not send one out without it, but it is very time-consuming. I had already cut back to people I did not see at Christmas time.

I love to bake! I show my love in the BLog Cabin Mama Kitchen by making up lots of yummy Christmas treats.

I tend to go OVERBOARD.

This year it is just fudge and chocolate covered pretzels. Because we love pretzels. And because these are what people tell me they enjoy. And because what passes the lips lands on the hips. Not a happy thought for this Trim Healthy Mama.

I am slowly turning into a minimalist. Click here to visit Nourishing Minimalism.

When I went to a  friend’s house recently, she had very minimal, yet striking fall décor . I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So little said so much.

I left the garland off the tree. Still don’t have a star. Just because I didn’t hang lit up greenery from the banisters doesn’t mean this cabin is any less festive!


Do you hear Jesus whispering to you during all the hustle and bustle?

I praise Him that I can still hear Him!

My heart yearns for more time spent with Him. I am sure yours does, too.

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas story is Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel:

Luke 1:38

Willing obedience.

I long to obey Christ.

I have seen the power He bestows on His people when we obey.

No matter the cost.

Slow down and reach out to Him.

Do what He asks you to do this holiday season. Not what others expect.

Just Him.

Oh, how I wish you a very Merry Christmas! It will be quiet around here as we enjoy a Tender Tennessee Christmas at the cabin.

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I look forward to sharing so much more with you in 2015! I’m so glad that I started the blog and I thank each of you for your love and support.


Are you quitting, too? Tell me in the comments below!



  1. Karen says

    I say if it causes more stress than joy, then the meaning is lost anyway. Less is more. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

  2. says

    Exactly the right attitude! I’m not much of a guilt person, so we celebrate mostly the way we want to at Christmas. There are a few obligations that we can’t ignore, but we try to concentrate on Jesus and loved ones. Merry Christmas!


    • says

      Thank you, Alison! I agree! Do the obligations and do what you enjoy! I feel so much better this year doing what I feel led to do. Merry Christmas to you, Nancherrow! I just like saying that! Nancherrow, Nancherrow!

  3. Lisa Roach says

    Thank you for your comment about doing too much during the holidays! Yes, I believe it does take away all the joy we are supposed to be having during the holidays !I needed to remember that thanks Marissa! Merry Christmas !

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