Procrastination Conquerors


Are you a procrastinator? In anything and everything?  I was up until last Wednesday! Now I am conquering procrastination and I want you to join me! I had an epiphany Wednesday morning and I haven’t been the same since!


Procrastination Conquerors


This little seashell started it all.

I have had this decoration hanging in my bathroom for probably 15 years or so. That seashell in the very middle jumped overboard 5 or 6 years ago. So it laid around in the bathroom FOR YEARS.

Then I packed it away for 8 months when we sold our house and then unpacked it and put it in the new bathroom drawer.

We have lived here for almost 4 years now.

Last week or so I pulled that seashell out of the drawer and decided I am gluing this thing back together again. So I did. It took about 2 minutes total. I felt so accomplished.


It kept nagging me. All. Week. Long.


I looked at that seashell every time I walked into the bathroom.

Then I decided I glued it on backwards!

How is a girl to remember after procrastinating this long?

I have been really pondering the thought of what I am going to make this blog into. What do I have that others need? How can I help others? Bless them? Minister to them?

A successful blog has something that people keep coming back to because they get something out of it.

Then it was like God turned the light bulb on.

I felt Him telling me, ” I want more for you than what you get when you procrastinate.”

“I want more for MY people.”

No, in all these things we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37 NIV.

More than conquerors.

In all these things.


We are more


Satan wants us to procrastinate. He wants us to forget to do the things we say we will do. The things we need to do. The things God tells us to do.

We don’t resemble conquerors when we are feeling guilty about the stuff we need to do but don’t feel like doing.

Why do we procrastinate?

  • laziness
  • perfectionism
  • busyness
  • fear

The consequences of procrastination:

  • time
  • money
  • missed blessings
  • conflict
  • pain
  • health problems

We fail to look like a person who keeps their word.

Ouch. That is not what I want others to think of me.

I have procrastinated since I was a kid. Homework and cleaning my room.

When we first got married I didn’t know exactly that I should clean the lint out of the dryer. I knew there was something that I should do but I didn’t know what it was. I found out when the clothes weren’t drying good and my husband checked the lint in the dryer vent. It is a wonder I didn’t burn the house down it was so thick!

Procrastination can be dangerous, too!

So I have started playing a little game with myself. I can’t procrastinate! If it is something small especially and it is in my power to do it right then, it is getting done.

You wouldn’t believe all the stuff I have accomplished since Wednesday! I have been jotting these down in a post draft and I will share it with you, tomorrow!

I want you to join me!

Hear me though, I am NOT talking about working yourself to death! Know your limit. I was tired a few nights ago and left the dishes. I needed to turn in homeschool grades and decided that it was more important. I left the dishes and didn’t feel guilty because I knew I had worked hard that day.

I am talking about a lot of little things that take just a few seconds. Also, plenty of big things, too.

Does this resonate with you? Feel familiar? Tell me I am not alone. I want to be real, transparent and honest with you about my struggles. My prayer is that we can help each other.

Each week I will blog about a different subject that tends to get procrastinated:

  • faith
  • home
  • finances
  • health
  • homeschool

I will have a strong focus on de-cluttering, caring for your home, family and yourself. Just touching the tip of the iceburg here.  Anything else that comes to my attention, too!

I will share my progress with you. Please share yours with us. In the comments below or on my Facebook page.

There will be updates on Facebook on what I am into each day and some mini challenges to get you inspired. Bible verses, music and words of motivation!

You can sign up for my emails here so you don’t miss a post.

If you are as excited about this as I am, let me know! Share with your friends! The more sisters we have, the more we can encourage each other!

I don’t have this all figured out yet, so if you have any ideas for the challenge, please let me know! We are in this together.

So are you ready to put an end to the procrastination?

Procrastination Conquerors #1


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  1. Karen says

    I thought about commenting later…I actually considered logging off of my computer and coming back to it later, but then I realized I WAS PROCRASTINATING! And why? Why on earth do I procrastinate over EVERY. single. thing…Why should I rob you of the blessing of knowing right away how blessed I am with this blog post? I need this challenge to stop procrastinating! I can’t wait to see your list of accomplishments….great or small. Nothing is too small to be important to God and the same thing applies to all the “littles” in our lives. Thank you and keep letting your light shine.

  2. Sandra Clift says

    Procrastination has been my problem since my college days. And that has been a long time. You are correct that it can be something that causes you to be depressed, tense and energy depleting.

  3. Rela White says

    I, too, am a procrastinator – always have been it seems. Sometimes I think it is because I feel I do better under pressure, but could that be a thought from satan? Thank you for this post, Marisa, and your goal to help us conquer procrastination. It is surely something I and many of us need!

    • says

      Hi Rela! I definitely agree that the thought can be from Satan! He wants us to be under pressure and stress. Thank you for letting me know that this is inspiring you. Happy Conquering!

  4. says

    I am a perpetual procrastinator! I can totally see me doing the sea shell thing. In fact, just yesterday I remember looking at something and thinking, “I can’t believe that’s still on the floor” (bad, I know), but I didn’t stop to pick it up. It would have taken 10 seconds to put it away, but I didn’t.


    Excited to follow along with your series – the biggest consequence of my procrastination is the stress it causes me. I always beat myself up for doing it…

    • says

      Hi Heather! I am with you on the 10 second thing! I have been accomplishing so much and a lot of it takes 30 seconds or less! I hate that stress we feel and I love the feeling when I tackle the stuff head on and don’t have to have those negative feelings! So glad you are following along!

  5. says

    I have that thought every time I go through my pile of things I’ve set aside to do “later.” It was such an epiphany to me to realize that if I don’t actually sit down to do something, it’s never going to get done! Of course, I’ve been known to be a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

    • says

      Hi Jenny! I hate that “later” pile, too! I am taking care of the new stuff as it comes and getting to the previous stuff as I can! I am a little slow with the uptake, too! So glad you stopped by!


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