Procrastination Conquerors #3

Here we are again! I didn’t do so well with typing things up as I got them done or you would have gotten this post sooner. No bon-bon eating here, though! Been busy, busy. I hope you have been, too. Stories are trickling in of what you gals are getting done. I knew it was in you and me both!

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Procrastination Conquerors


One friend went to a way overdue check up. Another took care of a MIA library book because of my procrastination “crap.” Ha. Apparently, I got under her skin! Worrying about it for 2+ years for nothing because the library didn’t even show a fine! See, some things just aren’t as bad as we think they will be. All that worry and guilt for nada. She is making a donation to the library, instead.

Getting kids to school on time and getting ready right away in the morning are a few more things I am hearing.  Along with de-cluttering and shining our sinks! We love a good Flylady moment!

So here is a little of what I have been accomplishing by the grace of God!

So, I am so bad about getting sidetracked when the kids say HUNGRY! I don’t mean to do it, it just happens. I have really been working on this one. I am not there yet, but definitely an improvement.

Every time I need something on a different level of the house, I run and get it right then. Burning calories!!!

Choosing healthier snacks like a Cutie or an apple with a smidge of peanut butter mixed in greek yogurt. So good and satisfying.

I flossed. I hardly ever floss.

Fixed my menu bar on the blog.

Applied for Google AdSense.

Dropped money off to a friend that I had sold some things for.

Got my class invites out for my Young Living 101 class.

Backed up my charts.

Trying to respond immediately to messages.

Bought myself a new dry brush and I have been using it.

Bought my book (on Kindle) for the Proverbs 31 Online Bible study Keep It Shut. Got it in time and didn’t add more clutter to my house.

This is huge. I polished my shoes. I have happy feet! Looking like new shoes. I don’t think I have ever polished my own shoes since I got married.



Why did I wait so long? Probably because I only thought about my shoes when it was time to go. I was pushing it on time and so my poor shoes had to go just as they were.

This day was different. I was ready so early and picked my clothes out ahead that I had time to do the shoe polish. I was early to the doctors office. It was so nice not to rush and I had time to eat me a healthy snack so I wouldn’t get too hungry.

Cleaned up the gift the cat left me on the porch right away.

Got myself a mountain bike. Then sadly returned it for a better fit, but not a better color. Sniff, sniff.

Been riding that bicycle and getting more comfortable and sure of myself. Little exercise never hurt, either.

I have been de-cluttering everything! I don’t really start with a plan, I just go after something I need and come back with numerous things that can go. I love it. It is so refreshing not to have so much stuff!

Then I end up cleaning out a cabinet or drawer. I can’t help myself.

Still keeping up with dishes and laundry.

Putting all the groceries away right away. We won’t discuss why this is important.

The food is what is really amazing me. I quit couponing and doing the sales. I know I am saving money because I am not buying so much that I can’t use before it expires or goes bad. So much food is getting eaten and not wasted. I can see what I have in the cabinets and the fridge.

Less really is more.

I bought my Valentine a gift weeks ago. Something I know he has been wanting. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, as soon as we finish up Procrastinating Faith, Procrastination in the Bedroom is on the horizon.

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I know you are getting stuff done, so quit procrastinating and tell me what you are accomplishing, sister!

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    Wow, you’ve been busy! Thanks for sharing this post! It’s encouraging! 🙂 I must admit that I’m a bit (or a lot) of a procrastinator! :S this series is encouraging! thanks!!

  2. says

    Very inspiring. I hear you on the shoe polishing. Not that I’ll ever be polishing my shoes (probably,) but that you only think about it at a time when you can’t do it. I found that happening a lot, so I make it a rule now that whenever I’m going out the door and think, “Gah! I need to fix this stupid squeaky hinge” (because you only think about it when you’re headed out the door) to either text or make a mental note to put it on my to-do list when I get home. My to-do list is posted on the wall on a whiteboard, so I see it often. If I put “fix squeaky hinge” on the list, chances are that I’ll see it and actually remember to do it when I can.

  3. says

    You are getting a lot done. Good for you. I procrastinate in certain areas and I am not sure why. I find myself spending lots of time doing nothing. LOL! I am going to have to be working on this. Thanks for sharing your successes. It inspires me.

    • says

      Thank you for your encouragement, Michelle! I am with you on not knowing why I procrastinate. Most of the time whatever I am putting off is really not that bad anyway. I hate when I realize that I have done a whole lot of nothing. Hope we can work on this together! 🙂

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