Procrastination Conquerors #2

I hope you are joining me for my Procrastination Conquerors Challenge. If you are just joining us you will want to read this post first. Then #1.

Procrastination Conquerors

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15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. (Ephesians 5:15-17)

When I am making better use of my time I am more readily available to make the most of each opportunity. Taking the time to get in God’s word helps me to discern what His will is. I am praying that you are getting in His word and that this will encourage you in your walk with Him.

Here is some of what I have accomplished this week:

Started this post before today.

Cut my poor little hangnail off.

Vacuumed the dead bugs out of the loft windows. Bugs like log cabins, too!

Straightened up the loft homeschool mess. It is not perfect but looks much better!

Ate a Trim Healthy Mama breakfast.

Made a Procrastination Conquerors Facebook group last night. You can join here.

Added that link now instead of later!

Charged my battery for my camera.

Been on top of laundry and dishes!

Washed all the couch blankets because I didn’t have anything else to wash. Put the blankets right back so my sweetheart had his spot ready.

Sat on my porch swing and enjoyed the weather!

Sent an email to a company that their unsubscribe does not work. I don’t want their emails and glad I finally did this.

Taking my vitamins in the morning before I forget.

Getting rid of stink bugs as soon as I see them before they end up in my drink in the middle of the night. In the dark.  Just ask my father-in-law what a lovely experience that was recently.

I ran Roomba . I love him and do not understand why I neglect him so. His battery works better when you use him frequently. What is wrong with me? I have a robot to clean for me and I haven’t been taking advantage of him!

I then cleaned him out. He deserved some TLC after his hard work.

I was ready to leave house 2 hours early???

Went to the Seven Islands State Birding Park. It was amazing and we had the best time. Kids rode their bikes. We took the dogs. Some of this land belonged to my great-grandfather and it was so special to get to spend time there!

Seven Islands State Birding Park Barn#1


Really been working on the de-cluttering! 2015 things in 2015.  I am on 665! Yes, I will grab at least 2 things next! Click here to view more details and to get a printable chart to start your own 2015 in 2015!




I went to the doctor yesterday right when the 2 months was up for a repeat ultrasound and I am so happy that the ovarian cysts are all gone! Praise the Lord, I am so grateful!

I have lots more to share with you but I have got to get to other things! I have never enjoyed getting things done so much in my life! Some of my closest friends are getting really motivated with their clutter and procrastinating. Are you?

Tell me what you are getting done!

Hurry back next week when I will be talking about procrastinating in your faith and plenty more of what I am getting done to inspire you!


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    I kept seeing the 2015 in 2015 challenge, but I decided not to do it because I don’t know if we even have that many things in the apartment. But you got me thinking about it, and I realized we have a trans-Atlantic move in August. How much easier will packing be if we do this challenge now? We’re starting tonight!

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