Procrastination Conquerors #1

Did you read my story of procrastination, yesterday? Or did you procrastinate and not read it? Here is another opportunity to do so. I won’t hold it against you. No condemnation from me. No procrastination either. Ok. Maybe a little but nothing like last Tuesday!

 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24,NIV.

So here is a list of the things that I accomplished since Wednesday.

Wiped my work shoes off. After looking at them and noticing they needed it. Didn’t do it and about 10 minutes later, I did it!

Calling a dear family friend to wish her Happy Birthday. I was so blessed by taking the time to do this after not visiting them at Christmas like I normally do. They are my neighbors so there is really no excuse!

Take in God’s word before all the other distractions creep in.

Actually picked out a memory verse on the day I am supposed to! SSMT #2

Procrastination Conquerors


Putting my temp in my chart first thing in the morning! Because I forget important details when I don’t do this daily.

Wrote my first book review!

Painted my toenails and put my contacts in. You are even prettier than I thought!

I wrote 2 addresses in my address book instead of sticking the piece of envelope in the address book for years!

Went outside in the cold and put the new insurance cards in the truck, in the envelope where it belongs.

Turned homeschool grades in on time!

Got my bigger notebook out to keep myself organized.

Paid bills early in the morning.

Cleaned fridge out and got to throw away the food that had expired because I couldn’t see it to remember to use it.

Printed some things out and put holes in them and put them in my notebook.

Got crock pot going!

Shower in the morning, not at night.

Replying to emails and messages promptly.

Picking up a dead bug instead of walking by it.

Fill up dog water bowl right away before she is standing there waiting.

Saw the 52 Week Money Challenge, printed it, put it in the notebook and started it. Every Thursday. I marked dates on paper and mark it off with a highlighter. I have $6. On December 31st I will have $1,378.00!

Wiped the inside of the dishwasher out. Yuck. That is all I will say.

Using the bar soap that is better for my hands.

Actually folding the socks and undies instead of leaving them in a basket.

Added orange essential oil to my toothpaste. Used the toothpaste. It is a little more trouble to use but cleans so good and is so much better for me.

Took pictures I needed for post and put stuff back where it belonged.

Lots of de-cluttering! Got rid of a bunch of Christmas decorations that I didn’t use or didn’t love.

Sewed the button back on my work pants so I could quit worrying about when they were going to fall down!

Paid my $1.40 library fine without being asked!

Planted my first Amaryllis finally and it is almost ready to bloom.

I got gas because it was beautiful outside and it was a reason to stand in the sunshine. My wonderful husband usually does it but I was happy that he wouldn’t have to for a change.

Gas in the car that is!

Made a green smoothie and Good Girl Moonshine first thing in the morning.

Did my oil pulling and it released the pressure from swollen sinuses immediately! Why didn’t I do this sooner!!! I had forgotten how much it helped me with this last year.

Cut my fingernails so they would be even.

I am getting a post out in the morning! Posting 2 days in a row!

Here is my Procrastination Conquerors Pinterest board.

Tell me what you have been procrastinating and what you are going to do about it TODAY!


We are more than conquerors!

We are more


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  1. Rela says

    Way to go, Marisa! Keep it up!!! Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about all you have accomplished?!

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