Procrastinating Faith Part 2

I am finally back for part two of Procrastinating Faith. You can read part one here. I am  sorry to be away for so long. Been under the weather. Been procrastinating a little. I am loving my Bible study I am working on but I got behind. Then I felt like I couldn’t talk to you about faith when I wasn’t getting my own Bible study done. I felt Jesus gently remind me that His mercies are new each and every morning so here I am!

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Let your light shine

It puts a new spin on a Bible study called Keep It Shut when you have laryngitis all week and can barely say the absolute necessities. Really made me stop and think of all the times the things I say are not a blessing to others. Loving this book and learning so much.

So I promised to go over the different ways we procrastinate in our faith and offer you some practical help to overcome them.


Do you pray regularly or find it hard to stay focused? I get distracted very easily and I gave up trying to pray from a list years ago. I am in a constant dialogue throughout the day with Jesus. I have a lot to say! Especially when I am trying to Keep It Shut! I can still talk to God about it.

I try to always ask for forgiveness for my failures. Safety and protection for my family. Guidance for my day and that I might honor Him.

My kids know that we pray when we get in the car for safety.

I love to tell people that I will pray for them. It blesses me so much. I take it as a very serious job. I pray immediately and I also pray for the Holy Spirit to help me think of this person often to remind me to keep praying.

Whenever someone pops in my mind, I pray for them! I know that is why they are on my heart. I try to let them know that I am praying with a text or a phone call.

Praise. I love to just praise Him! Ask for nothing, just praise because He is so worthy. Sometimes I have to raise my hands in praise. I used to be scared to death of such a thing but oh how rewarding it is to get past that fear!

Many times just looking out the window and seeing God’s beautiful creation causes much praise to flow from my lips.

There is one spot that I drive by on the road that automatically makes the same song of praise come out of my mouth. The sun shines directly in my window  and I just feel like He smiles down on me. Even when it is cloudy or rainy I still praise Him every time. I am so glad that my poor singing sounds good to Him!

Some of my most heartfelt prayers are for others to really know Jesus. I am talking that head over heals, can’t get enough of Him love! It is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want it for everyone. Nothing compares!

Prayers for those that hear the Gospel and procrastinate on a decision. Procrastination in this department is the most dangerous. The consequences are for eternity.

Do you ever pray prostrate? Sometimes I can not help myself. On my knees is not enough. When a friend is in so much pain, family illness or again desiring for others to truly know Him.

Don’t give up! Have you been praying for something or someone for a long time? So have I but I am trusting Him.

And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people. Revelation 5:8

Did you notice where our prayers go? In golden bowls full of incense! Treasured by God. When I think about something that I have prayed a long time for, I picture these bowls full of my prayers and tears and I know. In His time he will take care of it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for prayer when you need it. I love it when people ask me to pray!

Be sure to thank Him for answered prayer. Tell others what He is doing in your life so they can be blessed as well.

Bible Study and Scripture Memorization

Do you spend time in God’s word daily? I prefer to do this first thing in the morning. No, it doesn’t always happen but the craving is always there.

Do you have the craving? If not, pray for it! I use to read a little daily Bible devotion because that was what a good Christian girl is supposed to do. Not because I wanted it and needed it like air, food and water.

Doing  Beth Moore Bible studies over the years is how I really learned to study God’s word for myself. She always recommends using these spiral notecards for memorizing verses. I have used these for years to write a verse down that speaks to me and I like to add the date and what is going on in my life. It’s so uplifting to read back on what God has brought me through.



Do you have a good Bible with study notes in it? I use the Life Application Study Bible KJV and love it. I also enjoying using websites like Bible Hub  to check a verse out in lots of different versions. It even has Greek and Hebrew study tools. Love that because I am a history girl.

We also need to be very careful of the other books we read, things we watch and listen to. I love a good historical Christian Romance book and uplifting Christian music like Mandisa.

Church Attendance

I love going to church. The support of a church family is amazing. I love the worship, the music and hearing how Christ is changing lives.

I hope and pray that you have a wonderful church and if you don’t that you can find one soon.

If you are not able to attend church, maybe find a pastor on T.V. or the radio that you enjoy. I love to listen to Rick Warren.

That being said, my family is in a season of life right now where we choose not to attend. Our teenage son has a kidney disorder and any sickness or cold can cause a relapse for him. We stick pretty close to home and learn about Jesus at the school table. He led his sister to the Lord at the school table. Proud mama moment indeed.

I know this is not forever but I miss church so bad. The upside is that I really had to learn how to seek Jesus for myself. That has been worth it. God has taken care of us on our journey with Nephrotic Syndrome and I am so grateful. Another easy way that I can praise Him in everyday conversation.

Sharing Our Faith

When you love something so much you can’t help but talk about it right? Good movie, book or place to eat. Whatever it is you want to share it with others. I am enjoying finding ways where I can just share what God is doing in my life. Sometimes I think this can resonate easier with others than attempting to explain the whole Gospel right away.

For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. Luke 6:45

When we fill our hearts with Jesus sharing will come naturally.

It will overflow.

We will glow.



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    marisa, thanks for your encouragement today. I am studying keep it shut also and loving it. Thanks for the reminder to pray for the craving to spend time with God – great idea. Visiting from the T2T linkup. Have a great day!

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