He is Enough; Lessons Learned Through Losing a Loved One

Five years ago today my sweet little Granny went home to be with the Lord. We were blessed to get to be by her side as she passed. She suffered for years from alzheimer’s. She was so sweet. Sweeter than she was before she had alzheimer’s!

Granny and GrandpaI loved Granny and Grandpa so much. I spent so much of my childhood at their house. So much fun we got into!

Grandpa had been gone for just a few weeks when Granny fell and broke her hip. She moved in with my parents and my mom did such a good job of taking care of her as long as she could.

We moved into Granny’s house and started our family there.

Once the alzheimer’s got worse she went to assisted living and finally a nursing home.

I would always take her a piece of pie when I went to visit.  She might not know me but she always made me feel good about myself. “You are so pretty,” and “I just love you,” she would say over and over.

The last time I went to see her, I could not get her to wake up. It upset me so much. I cried so hard and told God that I just needed something, anything. She woke up and just said “I love you.” That was the last time I would hear her sweet voice.

The family with Granny

I had begun to see death in a different light. Watching one dear lady at church fight so hard though cancer made me rejoice when she no longer had to suffer.

I also had fallen head over hills in love with Jesus. My own personal thoughts of wanting to go to heaven one day were replaced by I can’t wait to see my Savior face to face.

At Granny’s side that night, never had I experienced something so amazing. I knew she left suffering behind to immediately be accepted into the arms of Jesus.

There are no words. The ones I can utter through my tears are:

  • awe
  • envy
  • joy
  • peace
  • sadness
  • complete

I could feel those same arms of Jesus that were holding Granny holding me up. I knew He was enough.

Later, when I doubted, He reminded me, “I already showed you that I am all you need.”

It snowed huge, beautiful snowflakes on the way to the cemetery and the whole time we were there. It was breathtaking.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants. Psalm 116:15. NIV.

GrannyI know that He calls us home just when He wants us. When our story is finished. Thankfully, that story lives on. It teaches, it brings sweet memories, laughter, tears.

I noticed how afraid most people were to talk about death. They would ignore me because they didn’t know what to say.

People can  not fill the empty places in our hearts. Only Christ can.

Jesus already had filled mine. Satan wanted to steal that from me. I am so thankful that Jesus reminded me that He was enough.

I know I used to be so afraid to say something to someone who had lost someone, that most times I said nothing.

Now, praise the Lord, I am not afraid anymore. I can say I am sorry and I am praying for you.

Such simple words.

Such huge impact.

Such love.

Because……He is enough.

Do you find it difficult to talk to people who have lost someone they love?





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    Such sweet memories. You are so right about learning from these experiences and I am glad you can tell others you are sorry for their loss and most of all that you pray for them and share Jesus with others.

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