Fertility Awareness Method: Part One of My Story

Fertility Awareness Method


Today I might surprise some of you with what I am talking about.  I am very passionate about women’s health.  Particularly, different forms of birth control and the affects they  can have on our bodies.

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a natural birth control option for women.  It is also a fertility tracker for those trying to conceive.  For some of my readers, this may not apply but everyone knows a young woman who could benefit from learning about FAM so please share this with your age appropriate daughters or friends.

Many young women think that hormonal birth control (HBC) is their only option.  I wasted 18 years of my life on nearly every sort of HBC out there.  I was placed on The Pill for painful periods at an early age.  In my naivety, I never doubted the safeness or questioned the side affects.

I quit taking the pill when we wanted a baby and quickly conceived.  After my son was born I went on the progesterone only pill but finally stopped because I had constant headaches.

I was pregnant with the little cowgirl soon after.  No lesson learned though, I went right back on birth control after having her.  I used the Depo shot and then  finally the Nuvaring.

I started having doubts and became afraid that HBC could possibly cause a baby to abort.  I also became worried about the increased risk of blood clots and stroke linked to HBC.

While using  the Nuvaring, my blood pressure began to creep up and I had those constant headaches again.  Then I experienced an aura.  Really strange moving lights in my eyes that scared me to death.  They are often followed by a migraine but mine was not.  I believe I had a silent migraine.

I had two of these instances over a couple of years.  Then last December I had two in two weeks.  These scared me enough to quit.  I finished the Nuvaring I was on and started FAM a few weeks later.  This was the beginning of January and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year off!

One of my best friends told me about a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler, MPH.

Got myself a copy and tore into it!  I was amazed but should not have been surprised.  Of course God designed our bodies and He would have a precise way for them to work! I highly recommend the book to help you understand all the rules that make FAM a very reliable form of birth control.

The TCOYF  website by Ovusoft  has the clues you need to understand how FAM works:

The TCOYF website is such a wonderful, supportive community of women trying to do the best they can to care for their bodies.  They have forums where you can post your charts and seek help and advice on anything fertility related.  The moderators are very knowledgeable and helpful when you are trying to figure it all out!  I love this place because I do not actually know anyone personally that charts.

Some of the topics that are discussed:

  •  Pregnancy
  •  Breastfeeding
  •  Infertility
  •  Parenting
  •  Avoiding Pregnancy


I use Ovusoft’s PC Software to chart my fertility clues.  I absolutely love it because it makes keeping track of my cycles a breeze!

My friend Chloe at How we Flourish  recently wrote an article about how every woman should chart her cycles.  Chloe has written a lot about quitting  HBC.  There is a wealth of knowledge about a woman’s  health in her charts!

Please keep a look out for my Fertility Awareness Method: Part Two of My Story.  I will get you up to date on my journey of using FAM for birth control this year.   Greater detail will be given on how FAM works.  I will give an in-depth review of Ovusoft’s PC Software.

Read Part Two Here



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Tell me your experience with HBC.  What have you used? Side affects? Any FAM users out there?




Disclaimer:  I only write about my own experiences here at BLog Cabin Mama. These are in no way to be taken as medical advice.  Please be sure to talk to your own doctor and do your own research concerning anything you might read here. 

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