BLog Cabin Mama Kitchen Tour



Lots of things happen in the BLog Cabin Mama Kitchen!  I was so excited when my friend Angi of A Return to Simplicity invited me to be in her Kitchen Tours Series! In Angi’s words,  “I blog to help modern day families learn how to get back to basics, and live a more simple, self sustainable life.”

She has inspired me to clean out my closet recently with her Minimalist Closet post and she is always whipping up something exciting in her homestead kitchen.

I had fun writing all about my kitchen and what  happens here.  Hop on over to A Return to Simplicity and see the BLog Cabin Mama Kitchen tour  for yourself!



  1. Marlies says

    I love your home and your kitchen!! I too have been married for 16 years and adore my husband. I really liked the statement on your “about me” page about being a homebody as I cannot imagine myself anywhere else for long; I would rather be at home, especially in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving.

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