BLog Cabin Christmas Series: Perfectly Posh Giveaway

BLog Cabin Christmas

Need a little pampering this holiday season?  Next up in our BLog Cabin Christmas Series is Perfectly Posh with Lauri Tanner

I love my new job as blogger because I get to try out wonderful new things and  let you all know about it!  I had to take a nice relaxing bath and try out all the goodies Lauri sent me recently!  It is hard work but someone had to do it.

I deserve to be pampered

I had switched to natural products at the beginning of the year when I started using natural birth control.  After doing my research, I was amazed to find the negative affects that beauty products can have on hormones.  My friend Donielle has written more about these affects on her blog.

I began making most of my beauty products.  The lotions I made were just too oily for daily use so I was so  glad to find that Perfectly posh is pure.


Posh is pure

I am wife to the man with the most sensitive  smeller on the planet.  In other words, PICKY!!!  That’s why he picked me! 

Lil Snarky

Lauri gave me the Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème in LIL SNARKY to try  and I love it!  It passed the Mr. Picky test and that is a miracle in itself!  It smells wonderful with a scent description of ” exotic flowers and sandalwood with a serious attitude.” Leaves my poor hands very soft and not oily!   I have been SNARKY  ever since.

The little  cowgirl  likes the BFY Hand Crème in  Shameless Flirt.

Chunky Dunk

Can’t wait to get my hands on the Snarky Bar.  No, I didn’t say Snickers Bar!   Chocolate is not all I think about!  The Gender Bender bar also looks very interesting.  These are big bath bars to cleanse and exfoliate.

During my soak, I used the All Mixd Up Fragrance Salts in Sweet Crazy Daisy,  The Stripper DTox Body Mud on my face and  then used the  Dragon Mojo Skindelicious Body Butter to moisturize my skin when I finally  drug myself out of the tub.

The bath salts smelled good and made my skin nice and soft.  The Stripper really left my face feeling great.   Body butters are nice and light.  I am hoping they come out with a Snarky one.  Cause I’m SNARKY,   remember?

I am loving the lip products!  Lauri gave me the Luxe for Life Red Velvet Lip Balm.   It has just a bit of color to it and feels great on my poor lips.

Then she gave me a sample of the Oh Peaches! Sugar Lip Scrub.  This is the best thing I have ever put on my lips!  You smear some on and leave it on.  The sugar disappears and leaves super soft lips behind.

I still want to try the Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Cream and the Lip Dyes.

Perfectly Posh Stocking

For Christmas gifts I would highly recommend the Lip Sugar Scrub paired with a Lip Balm and the BFY Hand Crème.  Or a gift for yourself!  Or both!  Tell Lauri I sent you.

Perfectly Posh’s pampering items  are all priced under $25 and they are always buy 5, get sixth free ($4 lip balms excluded).

She would be happy to send you some samples, assist you with having  a party or sign you up to sell Perfectly Posh.  You can find Lauri on Facebook.

Lauri is giving you a chance to win your own Perfectly Posh!  Please enter to win a BFY Hand Crème and Lip Balm of your choice with a goody bag of samples, too.

Have you tried Perfectly Posh yet?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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