Blog Cabin Christmas Series: Origami Owl Earring Giveaway

BLog Cabin Christmas

Christmas will be quickly upon us and I wanted to take the time to give you some unique ideas for all your gift giving needs.  First up in our BLog Cabin Christmas series is Origami Owl.   I met Kaye Terry  a year ago and absolutely fell in love with Origami Owl.

My love for all kinds of charms started in early childhood.

Strawberry Shortcake charm bracelet

My Strawberry Shortcake charm bracelet that I had to send off in the mail for.


Charmkins came with a piece of jewelry so you could wear your adorable little charm!


Bell Clip Charms

I remember Bell Clip Charms were the “thing” of first grade! I had those pink feet and loved them!

Did those fun charms ring any bells?  So now that I am all grown up,  Origami owl is just the thing for me.  Last year, our family all bought each other  lockets for Christmas.   I love making my lockets match my outfit.  Kaye recently taught me how to take a  transparency sheet, cut a piece to the size of my locket and put my sticky dots on it so I don’t make  my locket a sticky mess.  Then I can keep some made up of my favorite designs and they are ready to go!

Origami Owl lockets

I probably like my large locket the best because I can fit more into it.  Some of the charms are so realistic.  My favorites are the wedding ring,  the mixer and the snow globes.  It is so fun to tell your story with charms.  Sometimes the things we can’t have in real life we can at least have in our lockets.  My husband let me pick out a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas last year but said, ” no crazy color!”  He knew I would have ordered a raspberry one.  Origami owl to the rescue.  My real mixer is black but the one in my locket is oh so very pink!

Origami owl earing giveaway

Because so many of you already have lockets, I decided to review a pair of earrings instead.  So Kaye and I have teamed up to give one blessed reader her very own pair!!!  You get the Sterling Silver O2 Custom Wire Earrings and your pick of drops!  I chose the red for the holidays and  I am so glad I did.  They are so sparkly and shiny and that just always does it for me.

I have very sensitive ears but these are crafted with high-quality sterling silver and don’t itch my ears one bit!  Of course I need some pearls, pink, turquoise, black  and the pave quatrefoil drops  before long to finish off my collection!  You can see all the choices here on Kaye’s Origami Owl website.

You can also check out my Origami Owl Pinterest board.  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, too.

A big thanks to Kaye Terry for being my very first of many reviews  and giveaways!

I received lots of compliments and pressure to get this giveaway up quick because my friends want to win their very own pair!  So here we go:



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  1. says

    Very cute! I love looking at fun jewelry like this. My husband makes jewelry and we’re on a tight budget, so I would never get to spend money on stuff like this. I especially love the lockets.

    • says

      Thanks Chloe! I think your husband being a jeweler is amazing! You could always do a catalog party and earn your locket for free or cheap! That’s what I always do. Maybe you will win! Thanks for coming to visit!

  2. Tena says

    I agree with everything I’ve read. I love the drops too. Especially the keys! Kaye is a wonderful person and really believed in the motto “to be a force for good”.

  3. Cassie says

    I have heard of Origami Owl, but don’t currently own any of their products! They look super cute though!!! I did have one of those bell clip charm necklaces when I was a little girl though!! Great memories!!

  4. Meena R says

    I have a locket and I wear it everywhere. Somehow, it always seems to match any outfit I wear. I love how they are so versatile!

  5. Danielle Budka says

    Wow, what a cool blog post. This excites me for the holidays. Very cool. Great blog. I love origami owl! 🙂

  6. Andrea Jones says

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with you! I wish you the best on your new blogging adventure!

  7. Julie Hutchins says

    I love you! Whether I win anything or not….I just want you to know I love you and I miss you tons! You are just pure sunshine or should I say sonshine! I hope you go so far and glorify God in the highest through this and all of your endeavors. Oh my sister, your treasures will be so great in Heaven for He loves you so and so do I. 🙂

    • says

      You have rendered me speechless twice today, Julie! It is raining (tears) in the BLog Cabin kitchen now! I love you so much, too and I knew you would enjoy it here! I can definitely do a second drawing for a big, ugly, plastic bug if you don’t win the earrings. A girl has to take what she can get! Please pray that I might always glorify Him. I’m crying again. You are the ray of sunshine and absolutely all who meet you can immediately see your love for Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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