Fertility Awareness Method (FAM): Part Two of My Story and Ovusoft PC Software Giveaway

  Welcome back to the rest of my birth control story!  If you haven’t already, be sure to read Part One of my Story here. I am going to tell you more about how I chart my cycles using PC Software.  Ovusoft has a free online version that lots of women use.  It does get […]

BLog Cabin Mama Kitchen Tour

  Lots of things happen in the BLog Cabin Mama Kitchen!  I was so excited when my friend Angi of A Return to Simplicity invited me to be in her Kitchen Tours Series! In Angi’s words,  “I blog to help modern day families learn how to get back to basics, and live a more simple, self sustainable […]

Blog Cabin Christmas Series: Origami Owl Earring Giveaway

Christmas will be quickly upon us and I wanted to take the time to give you some unique ideas for all your gift giving needs.  First up in our BLog Cabin Christmas series is Origami Owl.   I met Kaye Terry  a year ago and absolutely fell in love with Origami Owl. My love for all kinds of […]