About Me

Here at the cabin we are a homeschooling, Jesus loving, eat a home cooked dinner at the table kind of family.

I love to learn and I am always on to something new to share with you.  I am all about natural birth control, using non toxic cleaners, beauty products and essential oils. I will be sharing what has worked for me so far on this adventure! Of course, I have many goof ups along the way and I will share those incase you need a good laugh!

Here is a little more about me if you’re interested!  IMG_1653

  1. I accepted Jesus as my Savior at VBS  when I was 8.
  2. I fell in LOVE with Jesus when I was 29 and I will never be the same!
  3. I have been married to my man for nearly 18 years and we have been together for 21!
  4. I am mom to a teenage son with a kidney disorder called Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome.  I cried when he grew taller than me last year.
  5. I am also mom to a small cowgirl that will train any animal she can get her hands on.
  6. Homeschooling happens all over this cabin, up the hill, on a hay bale, the porch, wherever the wind blows!
  7. I. Am. A. Homebody.  No cabin fever here!
  8. Psalms is my favorite book.
  9. Dark hot pink is my favorite color.
  10. I have a slight problem with Maggie Bags.
  11. I take too many pictures.
  12. I have always been blond.  I have the stories to prove it.
  13. I ditched the hormonal birth control this year and started using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).  One of my best decisions ever!
  14. I love to cook and bake in the cabin kitchen.  I do not love the mess I make doing so.
  15. I love to learn something new.  I am the queen of research.  So now I can share all I learn with you.
  16. This year  I started making my own makeup and cleaning products.
  17. Historical Christian Romance is my thing.
  18.  We have a beagle, a german shepherd and a black cat.
  19. Beth Moore bible studies- need I say more?
  20. Mandisa and Steven Curtis Chapman are my favorite tunes.
  21. It thrills me when someone asks me to pray.
  22. I love to work in my flower beds when I want to.  Not when I have to.
  23. I am computer illiterate.  I am building a blog.  LOL.
  24. I love you and I thank the Lord that you read this far!  I am praying that you might be blessed by your visit here.

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