A Bull in a China Shop

The new shop vac came home last weekend.
vacume 2


My husband had me help him vacuum the car floor mats (mistake).  Then, being sweet like I am,  I vacuumed the garage rugs.  Or one of them at least.  I didn’t make it to the second rug.  Or the vacuum didn’t  make it to the second rug.  I killed it.  Poor old thing was only 25+ years old.  It was my Grandpa’ s vacuum.  You know, they don’t make them like that anymore.

Vacuum is a very dirty, ugly, stupid looking word when you use it more than once.

Anyway, I jerked  on the cord and knocked the darn thing over!

shop vac

Knocked pieces off inside and it shot sparks.


My husband was, um…, not happy with me.  So I did what every respectable wife would do.  I went right up the stairs and ate some chocolate.




Chocolate makes everything better.  Lots of prayers at this point.  Lord, let him fix it.  Let him see I was only trying to help. 



More chocolate.

Then I decided to take him some chocolate.  Toblerone is his favorite.  So I break off a couple of triangles and back down the stairs I go.  Burning off that chocolate with all these trips on the stairs.  I hold it in my hand. Trying to work my nerve up to offer this peace symbol that is melting in my hand!   This ain’t  M& M’s, people.  Too late.  I don’t think he would appreciate it now.  So I am forced to eat it myself and resort to Plan B.

“I owe you a full body massage and a new shop vac,”I said.

He brought the new Ridgid shop vac  home and fired it up.  It works right nice.  Now he is wondering where that massage is.  Should have stuck with chocolate.  Now I want some chocolate.  Again.  You too?  Sorry for that.  But I can help!  My friend at The Organic Kitchen has a recipe she made with her new Nutribullet.

And that is how I got called a Bull in a China Shop this time.  You would never guess who said it.

Had any Bull in a China Shop moments lately?  Let me know in the comments below!  We don’t have enough time in the day to tell all of mine, but there will be many more to follow.  There are bonus ones on my Facebook page!






  1. StephY says

    CHOCOLATE!! Can’t deny that I love eating it, especially Reese (my fav). Chocolate always makes a sour situation sweeter, that is my excuse. Glad to know that I’m not the only girl “trying” to use my husband’s tools. We have all heard of the “golden rule” well, I have an additional golden rule at my house “Never have a house without an emergency stash of chocolate”.

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